zaterdag 20 april 2013

More layouts with the New Life charity kit

I did 2 layouts of our friends' son Bart with the New Life charity collab mega bundle available at NutHouse Scraps.
In the first he is just a toddler, and the pics in the second one were taken just before his fifth birthday.

I also participated in the April 2013 template challenge by Marie of Free Digital . For this challenge, I also used the New Life charity collab kit. The photos were taken by my dad when I was about 17 and getting ready for a fancy dress ball. The flamenco dress I am wearing was made by my mom.

zondag 14 april 2013

A very special charity collaboration kit

The New Life Collab Mega Bundle by Save a Life is available at Nuthouse Scraps and several other scrap shops. It is indeed a mega bundle, and it was especially created for a very good cause: literally to save a life. the life of 4 year-old Anna Storchak, who suffered a relapse of a stage 4 retroperitoneal neuroblastoma and desperately needs antibody therapy.

Get this amazing kit here and help give little Anna her life back.

This is the first layout I made with it: my friend's new kitten Smoes.

And one of mother Sophie and her newborn kittens

maandag 8 april 2013

Robert 50

On saturday 7 April 2013 we celebrated Robert's 50th birthday with a cheese making workshop at the Vosseburch, a farm in Langeraar.

Astrid and I made a scrap book for his birthday, and these are some of the scraps I did...
The first two were made with old megakits from SAS which is now The Digital Scrapbooking Studio.
The third was made with Fresh - with a bit of French by Mitsybelle

 I also made my first scraps of the day, itself.  I used If I had a Farm by Aquarius Design and ManuScraps from NutHouse Scraps for this one on the farm

And this is my first scrap of Robert's birthday dinner at the Kyoto Restaurant.

I used Asian Spirit by Manu Scraps.

zondag 13 februari 2011

New blog

My previous blog was deleted when the site was discontinued, so I will have to start all over again on this blog.
I will use this blog to show off my layouts and inform people of special activities at the scrapforums I CT for.